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My Recording Process

The recording process for me second time around is way different. A lot more pre- production. I made tracks in logic at my house and wrote to the songs. Then we went to the studio and recorded to the tracks. The next phase is arranging and figuring what parts I want acoustic and which parts I want samples. This is kinda the most crucial part in crafting the sound... I don’t subscribe to the idea that your album should sound exactly like your live show by any means however I still want the two to be related if that makes sense. So in this project im really trying to marry production and jazz in a natural way. With the help of my producer friends Drew Moore and Rocket Jackson we are really shaping a new sound... #millennialmusic

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New Album on the way!

Since releasing Somewhere in Between last year I’ve been touring with my own band supporting the album. I’ve also been producing and writing way more music. I like to use January through March to write music when work is more slow. Since January I’ve been to Europe twice, hit the recording studio twice working on my next project and had multiple mixing sessions. I’m very excited to say that we’ve finally got some new amazing music coming out soon! I can sum up this next project in 3 phase. Each one has its own aesthetic. I may roll it out in 3 EPs or just jumble it up. The subject matter of the songs chronicles my development as an artist. I can’t wait to share it with the world!


Personnel //

Andrew Renfroe

Mathis Picard

Taber Gable

Henoc Montes

Jonathan Pinson

Lauren Desberg

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Songwriting and Producing

I've been working in Logic producing and writing songs all year long. I don't necessarily aspire to be a producer per se but it's just become my songwriting process. I want to create good songs and demos in my room from start to finish that I can send to other artists and producers. I have A LOT of music in me and producing in Logic has become my way of getting it out.

When I was working on my album Somewhere in Between, I produced the entire project in Logic months before (January 2016- March 2016). This gave me time to work on the songs by myself without having to worry about organizing rehearsals with my band and also I could organize the project all before entering the studio. I worked on the song order, tempos, keys, solo order and honed in on the sound I wanted in the months prior. So when April 2nd of 2016 came and we entered the studio I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to do. For anyone doing an album or project I highly suggest doing this...It's almost like making a MOCK-UP album. Then you can get advice and feedback from artists you respect on your MOCK-UP before you hit the studio....

Stevie Wonder

Stevie wonder is without a doubt one of the greatest musicians of all time. He is one of my biggest influences and I love his music today even more today than I did when I first heard it. Everyone is familiar with the popular Stevie ballad “lately” Many a R&B singer have attempted to cover this song. Many have failed and very few have succeeded. One successful and very famous rendition is by Jodeci (90s R&B group led by Singers KC and JoJo). They masterfully execute this song and sing with sooooo much soul I must say they actually did this song justice. Well when I heard this song I was blown away with it’s emotionality and thought man I want to sing this song one day. Last week, I said to myself ,f*** it, let’s do it.”So I recorded a cover of my own” a slightly more mellow version. I wanted to find a nice spot to record that had a great view and I figured what better place then a reverberant dance studio overlooking 65th street!! I did the video in the Kaufman Dance studio at The Juilliard School (my alma mater) and I must say, aside from the amazing visual I think the song came out pretty good. Let me know what you think?