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New Album on the way!

Since releasing Somewhere in Between last year I’ve been touring with my own band supporting the album. I’ve also been producing and writing way more music. I like to use January through March to write music when work is more slow. Since January I’ve been to Europe twice, hit the recording studio twice working on my next project and had multiple mixing sessions. I’m very excited to say that we’ve finally got some new amazing music coming out soon! I can sum up this next project in 3 phase. Each one has its own aesthetic. I may roll it out in 3 EPs or just jumble it up. The subject matter of the songs chronicles my development as an artist. I can’t wait to share it with the world!


Personnel //

Andrew Renfroe

Mathis Picard

Taber Gable

Henoc Montes

Jonathan Pinson

Lauren Desberg

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R.I.P. Prince

A few weeks back, I was in New c. We were down there for about a week (April 14-24) and a few days. Everything went according to plan, the music came out great and we had a good a time. One day in particular was different from every other. Thursday, April 21st we found out on the news that Prince had died. At first, I didn’t believe it but then the calls started coming in. My parents called me in disbelief, my girlfriend, my brothers, and closest friends all called me… It seemed like everyone that I knew had been greatly affected by Princes death. It finally dawned on me that we had just lost one of the greatest artists of all time and that the musical world will never be the same. I could honestly write about Prince and how he’s influenced me for days but for now I’ll just post this video I made in tribute to Prince.