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Anderson .Paak the Dopest Artist Out Now?
Anderson .Paak

Anderson .Paak

To those of you that don’t have Anderson .Paak’s album “Malibu” do yourself a favor now and get it!

While Anderson .Paak has been out for a while and grinding on the music scene for the past I don’t know how long, this album “Malibu” was his real introduction to the world. And what an introduction! He sings, raps, and plays drums all at once. Literally one of the most amazing acts I’ve ever seen live because he does all 3 on such a high level and with so much energy. Seeing this type of artistry that incorporates so many styles into one is so amazing to see. And even more amazing is to how it’s received by the masses. It’s inspiring to see these true ARTISTS make great art and it still be accessible by the masses. It just shows me that people are thirsty for good music and this excites me about the future. There is a wave happening in the music scene and across the world where more artists with talent and ability are getting more shine and the appetite for the masses is growing. The future is bright!

Cannonball Adderley Quintet in Chicago with John Coltrane

Between Grover Washington Jr. and Cannonball Adderley I’m not sure who is a bigger influence on my playing. To me, they both have a very soulful and personal approach to how they play. The best quality of their playing is how they both really know how to make a melody sing! This is a quality I’ve always wanted in my playing. I first heard Cannonball Adderley on a soul record he made that was called “Mercy Mercy Mercy.” Some of the cuts off this album are “Mercy Mercy Mercy,” “Hippodelphia,” “Fun, “Games,” and “Sticks” (my favorite). I believe I first heard “Sticks” and it really stuck with me how much feeling he was playing with and the edgy sound he was getting out of the alto! The beautiful thing about Cannonball is his control and his ability to make the alto sound so different depending on the occasion but still always sounding like himself. I wanted that type of control and still strive for that everytime I pick up my horn. I still transcribe Cannonball solos because there is so much you can learn from him. I’m currently working on his solos from this album with John Coltrane.