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Stevie Wonder

Stevie wonder is without a doubt one of the greatest musicians of all time. He is one of my biggest influences and I love his music today even more today than I did when I first heard it. Everyone is familiar with the popular Stevie ballad “lately” Many a R&B singer have attempted to cover this song. Many have failed and very few have succeeded. One successful and very famous rendition is by Jodeci (90s R&B group led by Singers KC and JoJo). They masterfully execute this song and sing with sooooo much soul I must say they actually did this song justice. Well when I heard this song I was blown away with it’s emotionality and thought man I want to sing this song one day. Last week, I said to myself ,f*** it, let’s do it.”So I recorded a cover of my own” a slightly more mellow version. I wanted to find a nice spot to record that had a great view and I figured what better place then a reverberant dance studio overlooking 65th street!! I did the video in the Kaufman Dance studio at The Juilliard School (my alma mater) and I must say, aside from the amazing visual I think the song came out pretty good. Let me know what you think?