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BJ the Chicago Kid’s "Church"

I always really look forward to going home for the holidays not only to see my family but because my little brother Brody always puts me on to some NEW music!! I’m gonna be real, I’m not getting any younger and as a jazz saxophonist a lot of newer stuff isn’t on my radar. I look to my baby brother to keep me up to date on the new dances and new songs lol So this past Christmas my brother Brody was playing this song “Church” by BJ the Chicago in the car and was like man they play this on the radio all the time. I was like wow never heard this but I love it!! He was like “yea it was cool like 2 weeks ago Brax” So I,m sitting in the back seat feeling like damn I’m really out of the loop. But I knew once I heard the song that firstly, I could definitely sing this song and secondly the chords to this song are so soulful that it could easily be interpreted acoustically in a jazz context. So when I got back to NYC in January I wrote an arrangement of it and recorded this with my band!! This song has such a great vibe to it that we will probably incorporate it into our live show!